Code of Conduct

For Teaching Staff :

1.Teacher should be good counselors and facilitators. They should help, guide, and encourage the students to compete in the world. Teachers have to take all efforts for the physical, mental and intellectual development of students. In particular, teachers shall strive to achieve :

To accord just and unprejudiced treatment to all students irrespective of religion, caste, creed, sex, economic and social status.

To make regular contribution for the personal development of students, while looking after their interest and welfare.

To be a role model for inculcating the virtues of self-reliance, national consciousness and democratic values among students.

To be fair and to assess the students impartially and only on merit/performance.

To have respect for their profession and affectionate and friendly attitude towards all students and help them to improve their behavior.

2 .A faculty member is expected to develop healthy relations with the Parents/Guardians of the students in order to achieve not only the broader objectives of education but also to the overall progress of the students. The teachers should :

Monitor the progress and share information about the students with the
    Parents/Guardians and also receive information about the students from
    them , which is essential for the development of students.

Bring to the notice of the Parents/Guardians any short comings/behavior
noticed which the teacher feels.

3.A teacher is expected to develop fraternal relations with his/her colleagues to have proper interpersonal relationships and to develop team spirit. In particular, he/she should :
Extend co-operation with his/her colleagues in evaluating the students and in other activities relating to the educational matters and the development of his/her profession.

Resist the temptation of harming the teaching community for self-interests.

4.A teacher is expected to develop proper rapport with the employer viz. Management of the College. Mutual respect and fraternal feelings are needed to ensure proper relationships. Measures suggested to achieve the objective include :

Perform all professional activities through proper channel.

Look for promotion/elevation only on grounds of competence/performance.

Co-operate with the authorities of the College in the fulfillment of educational policies in conformity with professional responsibilities.

Should follow all norms and standards set by the College for the faculty from time to time.

For Non-teaching Staff :

1.They are responsible for sustaining the highest ethical standards of the College and the broader community in which they function. While the aim of the College is to ensure overall development of students as future citizens of India. The technical and administrative staff should strive to maintain :

Just and impartial treatment to all students irrespective of religion, community, caste, creed, sex, economic and social status.

Regular contribution for the personal and academic development of students.

Respect and an affectionate and friendly attitude by the students and vice-


Polite and compassionate behavior with Parents/Guardians of wards when
they approach.

2.As the technical and administrative staff are expected to work closely with the faculty of the College in day to day activities. The staff should :


Respect all the faculty members to look after the education of
the students and provide all assistance needed in the discharge of his/her
Develop friendly and co-operative relationship with the faculty members.
Provide full co-operation and support to the faculty members for the
development of laboratory and in the maintenance.

5.An employee of technical and administrative staff is expected to develop fraternal relationships with his/her colleagues to nurture proper interpersonal relationships and team spirit. In particular he/she should:

Extend co-operation to his/ her colleagues in activities relating to academic
and administrative matters and the development of his/her profession.

Refrain from passing information about colleagues to any individual or
agency without his/her permission.

6.An employee is expected to develop proper rapport with the employer viz. Management. Mutual respect and fraternal feelings are needed to ensure proper relationships. Measures suggested to achieve the objectives include :

Perform all professional activities through proper channels.
Do not discuss with unauthorized individuals about professional and other
information pertaining to the College.
Look for promotion/elevation only on grounds of competence/performance.
Co-operate with the authorities of the College in the
fulfillment of mission and goals of College by performing his/her role in a
professional manner.
Avoid unethical practices even on the grounds that it is ‘customary’.
Expediency should never compromise integrity.

Should follow all norms and job details assigned by the College to the
members from time to time with dedication.

For Students:

1.Admission in the college is a right of Principal.
2.Students should behave well with Teaching and Non-Teaching staff of the college.
3.Students must observe the notices displayed on notice-board. College administrative will not be responsible if any loss is recurred due to not observing the notice displayed on the notice board.
4.Students should take Identity Card within a month from the date of admission. It will not be issued thereafter. Students should carry with them valid Identity card in the college campus or representing the college at any other place. If demanded , at any time by the teaching or non-teaching staff ,he/ she
will have to produce it.
5.Students should take care of College property and should not involve in damaging the property. No outside political or any influence should be brought in the college directly or indirectly. Admission will be cancelled if they behave against the rules.
6.Students’ attendance for lectures, practicals, tutorials, tests and term examinations is a must. 80% attendance in the class is compulsory. Severe action will be taken against the absentees. The students may get concession in the fees on her performance, record and merit.
7.Paying students should pay before the last notified date in the fee chart, otherwise he/she will be fined.
8.Students should not make any change in the documents like Bonafide, T.C., Identity Card etc. issued by the College.
9.Admission will be cancelled due to the misbehavior in the examination, election or any other activity in the College.
10.Students should return the books on or before the due date and take care of library books and materials.
11.Students should pay the fees in the account section and preserve their receipt.
12.The college facilitates Students Aid Funds to the economically backward, hardworking and scholar students.
13.If the admission is cancelled, the students will get refund of fees as per the University / Govt. Rules.
14.The students will be fined if his/her attendance for lectures and practical is not satisfactory.
15.Admission on the priority will be given to the students who clear all the subjects at first attempt.
16.Mobile phones are not allowed in the College Campus.
17.The students seeking admission in B.A. III / B.Com. III / B.C.A. III should fill up the pre-admission form within 15 days of declaration of B.A. II / B.Com II / B.C.A. II results respectively. He/She should enclose photo copies of following with Admission Form.
a) Mark-sheet of the earlier exam.
b) Caste-Certificate (SC/ST/VJNT/OBC/SBC etc.)
c) Freedom-Fighter or Ex-serviceman or Dam-affected certification. The
names of the selected candidates will be displayed on the notice
board. They have to take admission within the due date, otherwise
his/her claim for admission will be cancelled.
18.Being an authorized person, the Principal can change in the above rules and regulations.
19.The College provides a Suggestion Box for the complaints of the students.

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